University of New Hampshire Steam

Durham, NH

University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH
Steam Line
Utility Construction
Not Available
Design Engineer:
CDR Maguire
Construction Manager:
Not Available
Contract Value:
Not Available
Project Overview:
  • Demolition of existing utility infrastructure in the tunnel, replacement in kind of (2) 12” hot water lines, (1) 6” steam, (1) 3” condensate, (1) 2 1/2” domestic hot water, 3/4” domestic cold water. This included pipe jacking (2) 24” sleeves into the building around existing water lines.
  • This project included a pipe jacking procedure under the foundation of an existing student dorm with existing cast in place utility lines. R.H. White planned, aided in engineering and executed (2) 24” steel sleeves to be pipe jacked around (2) hot water utilities entering this dorm. This task need to be performed efficiently as not to effect the tight summer schedule, but with the utmost precision and sensitivity regarding the structural integrity of the existing dorm foundation and footing. R.H. White’s planning and collaboration with the engineer and UNH personnel helped to create a successful outcome for the university.
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