96 Years Strong—and Growing

Since 1923, R.H. White has provided excellence in construction and service solutions to a wide range of energywaterindustrialcorporate, and institutional clients across the Northeast.

Combining our traditional principles of integrity and value with a contemporary approach that is innovative and versatile, we advance the growth and meet the challenges of our customers time and again.


In the construction business, strength is vital. R.H. White has not only the physical strength, but also the financial and managerial stability that customers rely on to get the job done.


The knowledge and skills we have gained from almost 100 years in business is one of our greatest assets. We know the markets, the systems, the region—and we put this wealth of experience to work for our customers.


Providing the best possible workmanship at the lowest total cost is a hallmark of R.H. White. In fact, our emphasis on high performance, cost-effectiveness, and openness is what keeps our customers coming back for more.

Firmly rooted in the principles of integrity and service that formed this company, R.H.White has successfully grown generation after generation because we continuously sharpen our focus on the future. Innovative response to the changing needs of customers and employees alike will always be a winning formula for success.

Mr. Leonard WhiteChairman of the Board

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