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Saccoccio and Associates, Inc.


Bulk Distribution Facility


Industrial Construction

Design and construct a new Bulk Distribution Facility consisting of 17  chemical storage tanks, 33,000 square feet of warehouse space and 3,300 square feet of office space.

  • Prefabrication of pump skids and process piping by our in-house welding services team.
  • On site installation of process piping, including:
    • Solvent System (2,800 LF)
    • Acid System (480 LF)
    • Caustic System (800 LF)
    • Oxidizer System (220 LF)
    • Nitrogen and Instrument Air Systems (2,200 LF)
  • Project involved two intercompany divisions for concrete and welding services.
  • Project also included site preparation to accommodate for an expansion for up to 21 tanks.

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