Mashpee Commons Limited Partnership

Mashpee, MA

Mashpee Commons Limited Partnership
Mashpee, MA
Wastewater Treatment Facility
Mechanical Construction
Not Available
Design Engineer:
Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.
Construction Manager:
Not Available
Contract Value:
Not Available
Project Overview:
  • Design/Build Wastewater Treatment Plant. Replace two existing RBC waste water treatment trains with two new Zenon Membrane trains while keeping the existing plant operational without any disruptions of day to day operations.
  • The original plan was to move one RBC outside and set it up temporarily while the plant was built inside. Unfortunately the RBC units had deteriorated to a point it was possible to rig one of the units outside. Instead the team opted to build one train at a time by removing the roof of the building and craning in the two separate aeration tanks.
  • The original plans included the refurbishment of the de nite tank to be used as the new membrane tank. Early on in the bid process RHW identified as a VE the removal and replacement of the de nite filter tank with a brand new ss filter tank would be a cost savings to the owner and would save on the schedule.
  • At least one train had to be in operation before the Memorial Day rush at Mashpee commons. The team activated the first train one week ahead of schedule.
  • The equipment inside the building was very tight. With the temporary pie that had to be installed to keep the plant running during construction at times there was less than a quart inch gap between various pieces of large temporary and permanent equipment. Lay out was crucial on this project.

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