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Comprehensive Utility Construction Services

Since R.H. White Construction opened in 1923, our services have grown to include advanced utility construction. By following energy trends and demands over the past several decades, we’re able to successfully complete even the most complex projects and maintain a broad range of systems and storage solutions.

A Northeast Leader in Utility Construction

Energy companies count on R.H. White Construction to plan, manage, and execute the entire scope of their utility construction projects, from basic solutions to multifaceted systems. Our thorough knowledge, extensive experience, and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to provide complete utility installation, maintenance, and repair, including close tolerance and heavy-duty jobs other contractors are unable to perform. Our utility construction services include:

  • Natural gas excavation and piping
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) piping, installation, and maintenance
  • Propane storage construction and upgrades
  • Full-service landfill (biogas) energy systems
  • Steam line installation, repair, or replacement

Things to Consider When Choosing a Utility Contractor

A successful utility construction project requires the knowledge and skill set of an experienced gas contractor. It’s important to keep in mind a few considerations when choosing a company to handle your job.

  • Stick with a trusted company. Gas contracting is highly specific work that requires advanced training, certification, and licensure. A well-established, reputable company will only employ professionals who meet these qualifications, and the quality of their work is key to your satisfaction with the final result.
  • Look for testimonials before making a decision. If you’re unable to find positive feedback about a particular company or individual, or if the majority of their reviews are negative, this could be a red flag. Don’t hesitate to ask for references.
  • Take notice of their concern for your needs. When it comes to commercial construction projects, communication is crucial. The company you hire should combine your requests and preferences with their expertise and connect with you regularly to discuss progress.

At R.H. White Construction, our many years of experience and commitment to our symbiotic relationships with our customers are the driving forces behind our success. We know that by placing your needs first, we can provide the best (or most), comprehensive commercial contracting services that have earned us our favorable reputation throughout the Northeast. Contact us today at 508 832 3295 for more information about our utility construction services.

Natural Gas

As the leading natural gas contractor in New England, R.H. White has been at the forefront of this burgeoning industry for decades. Thanks to our exceptional mechanical piping and excavation capabilities—and the expertise of our licensed professionals—we will complete your natural gas construction, maintenance, or repair project safely and skillfully.


R.H. White supports the growing demand for cleaner, more cost-efficient fuels, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). We not only install LNG and CNG tanks, vaporizers, pressure reducing stations, and piping, but we also upgrade existing systems and provide on-call service and scheduled maintenance to ensure safe, compliant operation of equipment.


R.H. White provides planning, design, and consulting for an array of propane projects as well as construction of bulk storage tanks, vaporizers, and jurisdictional systems, and upgrades to existing facilities. Our certified professionals offer on-site personnel training, technical assistance, and compliance support.

Landfill Gas

For clients looking for a renewable energy source, we construct, maintain, and service landfill (or biogas) energy systems. To serve this emerging green industry, we rely on our excavating, piping, and mechanical expertise to harvest and treat methane gas, ultimately reducing our customers’ dependence on fossil fuels.


At R.H. White, we have the know-how and the state-of-the-art equipment to install, replace, or repair steam lines—any day, any time. Our certified pipefitters work adeptly to optimize efficiencies and reduce downtime. We are skilled at working in campus environments with space restrictions, performing at the highest levels of safety.

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