Stephen B. Donovan

General Manager, Whitewater, Inc.

“Aristotle said, ‘For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.’ Time and again, I’ve found the veracity in this simple truism not only for myself but for those I’ve worked with.”


Steve has more than 35 years experience with utility operation and maintenance. Since 1995 he has served as General Manager for WhiteWater, Inc. overseeing operations through a staff of three Senior Managers, six Operations Managers and a field crew of 70. WhiteWater currently provides licensed operator and maintenance services to more than 300 water suppliers, 135 wastewater facilities, and provides operating assistance to 30 communities.


General Manager — WhiteWater, Inc.
Southbridge Water Supply Co. — Vice President, Manager, Project Manager/Draftsman


Nichols College, Business Management


My family. As the years slip past, I become more and more aware of what’s really important in life. All the events big and small, the love and traditions my family shares are priceless treasures and the things that mean the most.

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