West Glocester, LLC

West Glocester, RI

West Glocester, LLC
West Glocester, RI
Water Pump Station
Mechanical Construction
Pare Corporation
Design Engineer:
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Project Overview:
Construct a new 1,600 square foot storage and booster pump station to address the expansion of the domestic water system at a Research Campus facility located in Rhode Island.
  • Project was split into two phases based on equipment lead times to accommodate client requests.
  • Phase I included purchasing major equipment, preparing site for the building, constructing underground structures, and laying concrete slab.
  • Phase II included the masonry block building construction, equipment installation, and commissioning.
  • Install PVC process piping, water storage tanks, distribution equipment, and external Cummins generator.
  • Chlorinate and sanitize water distribution piping and equipment.
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