Killington Resort

Killington, VT

Killington Peak Lodge
Killington, VT
Underground Propane Tank Facility
Utility Construction
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Design Engineer:
Engineering Services of Vermont, LLC
Construction Manager:
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Contract Value:
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Project Overview:

Project scope was for a bulk propane facility consisting of (2) underground 22,000 gallon propane tanks. R.H.White performed tank setting, tank securing, tank relocation to their final destination on the mountain peak, supplied and installed mechanical gas piping, associated valves and regulators, 2000 feet of underground HDPE gas service line, pipe supports, fencing, pipe painting, purge and pressure testing the system into service.
Project complexities included; installation services on the mountain top, crane, and tank movement, as well as installing underground gas service piping on a very steep slope with limited access. A tight schedule due to the impending weather constraint and the ability to deliver fuel to the mountain top. Transporting equipment and crew up the mountain to the work site on a daily basis. The daily unknown of weather conditions, and the ability to work on any given day.
Project coordination included the following construction management tasks. During delivery of the (2) underground storage tanks R.H. White needed to coordinate the specialized crane and flat body to get them to the top of Killington Peak. These were owner supplied subcontractors but under the contract R.H. White was fully responsible for coordinating and supervising all aspect of the work. Killington Mountain Resort supplied all of the excavation and backfilling for the project under the direct supervision of R.H. White as well.

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