Huhtamaki Chart Industries

Waterville, ME

Huhtamaki Chart Industries
Waterville, ME
Distribution Piping
Utility Construction
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Design Engineer:
R.H. White
Construction Manager:
Not Available
Contract Value:
Not Available
Project Overview:

Our Energy Services Group (ESG) worked with Chart Industries to reconfigure the venting system during construction to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. We worked closely with customer to design and supply a sufficient containment area. Our crew was constantly called upon to provide services in addition to our original scope; such as installing pneumatic tubing to the PLC control system for proper valve control. ESG worked closely with the stakeholders of the project to meet a schedule under strict constraints due to customer fuel needs.

  • Installed (2) 15,000 gallon cryogenic LNG storage tanks, (6) 70 cu.ft/hr vaporizers, a vaporizer switching station, LNG trim heater, and centrifugal cryogenic pump.
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