Gorham Tissue and Paper, LLC


Fuss & O’Neill Energy Alternatives – M&R Station & High Pressure Gas Pipeline Design
Maguire Group Inc. – HDPE Pipeline Design, Civil Engineering
Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. – Environmental Permitting Assistance


Natural Gas Regulator Station/Pipeline


Utility Construction

  • Provide design/build services to deliver natural gas to the Gorham Paper & Tissue Mill boiler plant from the high pressure TransCanada transmission line to include a metering and regulating station followed by a low pressure HDPE gas pipeline to the mill. A duplicate HDPE pipeline was provided for a future connection to a landfill gas system as an alternative fuel source for the boilers.
  • Metering & Regulating Station (Reducing from approx. 1,100 psig to approx. 55 psig) with CWT Gas Line Heater (155 BTU/HR)
  • Utility Coordination to Provide Electrical & Telephone Service
  • Cross Country Pipelines Requiring Clearing & Blasting
  • 4” Steel Gas Pipeline (1,440 psig MAOP) approx. 1,100 linear feet
  • Dual* 6” HDPE Gas Pipelines approx. 3,700 linear feet
  • Secondary line for future Landfill Gas connection for blended fuel source at boilers
  • River Crossing on RR Bridge with Dual 6” Steel Pipelines approx. 300 linear feet
  • Accelerated Schedule to Re-open Paper Mill With Lower Cost Fuel Sources and Provide up to 140 Mill Workers with Employment Opportunities Again

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