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It’s not every day that you need a warehouse construction company. Developing a new manufacturing or storage addition is a large investment, but you know that when it’s complete, it’ll help your company meet the production goals you’ve set in place.

Your company can’t struggle though bids, from several contractors, for every stage of your new project. You shouldn’t have to worry if the contractors are up to the task and you don’t want to regret such an important choice for your business. You need a construction manager or general contractor to facilitate the entire project so you can concentrate on your daily work.

Trust R.H. White Construction for start-to-finish satisfaction, just like we’ve provided since 1923.

Not Just Construction

R.H. White Construction is more than just a great team of construction workers. We have a detailed process that starts long before we put hammer to nail. It doesn’t finish until we know that you’re in good hands to maintain your project.

Our Pre-Construction Consulting Process

Before we commit to a construction project, R.H. White has designed a discovery process  to ensure that your warehouse construction project is completed successfully.

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    Initial Call

    After you get in touch, R.H. White reaches out to you and gets all the information we need to start building your team.


    Working from the expertise built since 1923 and our initial call, R.H. White will work with your team to make sure we present the best project plan.

    Project Meeting

    After discovery, you’ll meet directly with our Building Construction Division that will introduce the R.H. White team members and review our entire project plan.

    Pre-Construction Consulting

    Even after all this, R.H. White consults with your team in the weeks and months leading up to breaking ground to make sure your project is completed successfully, safely, and on-time.

    Comprehensive Warehouse Builds

    Building a new warehouse isn’t just steel beams, cement floors, and corrugated metal.

    It’s designing and installing the high-powered water, gas, and electric utilities into your warehouse.
    It’s choosing and correctly using the right kinds of specialty concrete to make sure that your warehouse holds up to the high traffic from your diverse team and specific products.
    It’s rigging and installation of process machinery, making sure that your warehouse not only stores product, but increases production.

    For Metso Automation in Shrewsbury, MA, we designed a 60,000 square foot manufacturing warehouse. We moved the utilities to fit within the new structure, designed a pre-engineered building that matched the existing campus design, and developed ground water recharge systems that took advantage of new drainage from a parking lot.

    And R.H. White is an expert in creatively managing utilities on a manufacturing campus, such as on-site utilities, pipework, and water and wastewater treatment.

    R.H. White is uniquely capable for the most comprehensive warehouse builds.

    Design – Build – Maintain – Train

    After the pre-construction consulting process, R.H. White can handle every step of the commercial construction process. We work with architects and designers who know the challenges of building for warehouses, loading bays, and campuses.  We then put our nearly 500 employees including skilled craftsman and our state-of-the-art equipment fleet to work completing your project.

    But we don’t stop when the last finishing nail is driven.

    Our team can provide ongoing maintenance on your building, from simple checkups to emergency repairs, allowing you to focus on what you do best. And for more complicated projects, we can train your team to do the day-to-day usage and maintenance, making sure that you can keep your own buildings running without ongoing contracts.

    Jobs of All Sizes

    While it might seem that warehouse construction is limited to new builds, our process and team is well-suited for renovations and redesigns. We’ve developed fully new manufacturing buildings  from the ground up and also redesigned and renovated outdated facilities for our clients. We’ve even completed phased buildouts that minimize any impact to your daily operations Using our pre-construction consulting process, R.H. White will develop a construction plan that’s right for your project and your company.

    Our Previous Warehouse Construction Projects

    Construction Management
    This was a construction management assignment for Columbia Gas of Massachusetts consisting of a design/build, own/operate project that consisted of a 27,000 square foot pre-engineered operations facility and a 5,500 square foot material depot building.


    Warehouse Design/Build
    This project was a design/build project of two new warehouse additions for Metsuo Corporation in Shrewsbury, MA: a 60,000 square foot manufacturing warehouse and a 20,000 square foot office building. R.H. White relocated utilities, kept costs low with pre-engineered buildings, and redesigned drainage to make the project come to life.

    Safety & Sustainability

    R.H. White is absolutely committed to training for positive safety behaviors. We know that the best and most efficient projects start and end with safety. Every day on the job site, we start with a Safety Huddle to ensure that all hazards are accounted for and our team can navigate them with ease.

    In 2015, we opened the Leonard H. White Training Center to ensure our employees have the best knowledge and skills for their job site duties. Finally, we spend more than $2,000,000 annually to keep our team at the peak of their knowledge, leading them to prioritize their safety and the safety of their crews, subcontractors, and your employees above all else. It’s this dedication to safety that keeps our projects efficient, on-time, and on-budget.

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